A new trending video on youtube uploaded by Steve Pieczenik is claiming responsibility for the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton to Wikileaks.

Steve Pieczenik a former US state department official and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, suggests a silent coup has been underway behind the scenes, under the direction of Hillary Clinton, and her supporters. A coup in which the intelligence agencies are combating by releasing damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s corruption, and the Clinton Foundations pay-for-play schemes to Wikileaks. While the Clinton campaign has been casting the blame for the leaks at the feet of Russian Hackers, in an attempt to shift the blame, and ballots already being cast in the 2016 Presidential Election advanced polls. With Steve Pieczenik’s videos, the FBI reopening the investigation into Clinton’s alleged corruption and treason, could it be the final nail in the coffin for Clinton’s presidential bid?

Steve Pieczenik youtube channel

The video being released from Project Veritas showing election campaign fraud, and vote rigging directly connecting the Clinton campaign, one begins to wonder what kind of democratic system is currently being run? and how Hillary Clinton could still even be in the running to become President of the United States of America? With the campaign of fear winding down to an end this November 8th , 2016 Project Veritas has been trending on social media in some of the top spots on twitter, youtube, and others. Even though the mainstream media has done it’s utmost to avoid running these videos or covering the story it seems as though social media may just be the counter-coup to which Steve Pieczenik has been referring to. As independent polls are showing Donald Trump leading the race with 67% of 50,000 people polled, 1,000 per state, 33.3% Democrats, 33.3% Republicans, and 33.3% Undecided.

Project Veritas youtube channel

So what are we to make of all this? In the final analysis, it seems as though the breakdown in the American political landscape has to lead to the most UN-electable candidates in history being the forerunners for the American Presidential race. If either of the candidates are elected we might see the very first candidates to be both elected president, while simultaneously being indicted and impeached. A constitutional nightmare for a country that prides itself on being the pillar of democracy in the 21st century.