trump-victoryWith a clear decisive Donald J. Trump victory in last night’s Presidential election, people have been left reeling from the news.

With large crowds gathering in front of the White House, to Los Angeles, American voters were taking to the streets to voice their condemnation about the results, of perhaps one of the most divided elections in American political history. A late-night speech by the now President-elect Donald Trump projected an olive branch to a much-divided nation that it is time to put aside the division and reunite under the American flag as a nation.

During the last year Americans and much of the world have been relentlessly bombarded with news stories, political commentary, and even comedic satire, saturating much of social media, television, radio, and magazines in a way never before seen. Polarizing voters and much of the world to left and right wings of the political scope, and dividing a nation like never before.

Even after the news of the elections conclusion had broken worldwide I found myself looking to such sources as youtube for my nightly comedic, or entertainment relief. Only to have found it completely permeated with news stories and commentaries of the now over campaigns from the last year.

This got me thinking, have our cultures and media become so overwhelmingly invasive in everyday life that every topic and subject during the previous year of this looming election been swung into some sort of politicking analysis? Every single story being dissected while having every nuanced story scrutinized, and extracted for political meaning that we have lost all sense of our daily lives in the process?

This may be the very reason that such a rift has opened in the American landscape, and those who knowingly or unknowingly, participated in saturating social media and the airwaves with all forms of Clinton vs Trump campaign contributed to that very divide. A divide so large that according to the Washington Post has 55% of Democrats in fear of the Republicans and 49% of republicans in fear the Democrats.

Perhaps, just perhaps it’s time to tune out and get on with our lives, get back to what binds us together not what divides us. It’s time don’t you think? To leave the politicking behind remove all the media feeds from our social networking accounts, that drew us into the rift and divided us.