With a Donald Trump victory, people have recently begun to ask how did the pollsters have it so wrong?

How did they project a Clinton victory leading up to the election, when Trump had overwhelming support, enough to win the Presidency, majority Republican House, and Senate?

To answer that we first have to look at how a typical poll is conducted, most polls conducted include numbers like for example, 33.3% Democrat, 33.3% Republican, and 33.3% Undecided. So in a typical poll out of 1,000 registered voters per 50 states, you end up with 50,000 registered voters answering who they will likely support and thus have a pulse of how the nation is likely to cast their ballots.

So knowing how most polls are conducted would it surprise you to learn that the polls conducted showing a Hillary Clinton lead, we’re taken by polling areas of each state that were predominantly Democrat? and of those polls conducted very little attention was given to undecided voters.

This, however, did not stop many mainstream media sources from reporting the numbers nationally, and as some media outlets don’t conduct their own polls they simply passed along the numbers re-broadcasting what had already been previously broadcast.

Thus just like the proverbial dominos a trickle down of inaccurate polling numbers, and misleading perception was handed off from the media outlets to American voters worldwide.

For some, it’s proof that the media is corrupt only reporting the narratives that suit who pays their salary, for others it’s simply a mistake in the numbers and wasn’t scrutinized enough before being reported, and to others its the mistake of pollsters who should have more accurately conducted their polls.

Anyway, its clear that numbers being reported were far from accurate which throws into question the media’s complicity in reporting it to the general public. It is not simply a mistake for the media to report something without first fact checking. As within the 5th estate, the only organization to be protected by the constitution of the United States, it is their responsibility to report only accurate fact based information that has been thoroughly checked and re-checked .