This time of year perhaps is my favorite, as the beautiful signs of Christmas appear. The lights are hung the garland is up and there is always a sense of impending festivities.

London, England Photo Credit Sarah Tobin

For some this time of year is stressful as they hurry about attempting to gather the many facets of Christmas supplies and stock up for the holidays. For me personally, I love nothing better than the beauty this time of year, taking pleasure in the approaching holidays and all that it brings.

One of many demonstrations of the beauty this Christmas is taking place in Vancouver, BC with the light maze pictured above. A wondrous symphony of lights to get lost in and a display of Christmas at its finest.

It is perhaps one of the many reasons Christmas gives such a great sense of joy that I hop along from store to store gathering the lights and decorations to be hung for the last season of the year. Window shopping for all the stocking stuffers and presents that will mark the end of yet another year, fills me with the anticipation of my favored season.

So it is with the season that I slowly and surely begin the annual festive approach that some lament, and others love. For the end of this season is yet the beginning of another year which marks renewal, and a sense of reflection on the journey that is be folding before me, and what has yet come.