Telsa post’s $22 million in profits in a single quarter, as oil industry net’s a $67 Billion dollar loss in the same year.

When comparing the current markets for the way we generate electricity one stunning fact Tesla-logo-2003-2500x2500.pngbecomes perfectly clear, the business model of clean renewable energy is becoming increasingly profitable.

With many signs of this on Wall Street Tesla’s recent growth shattered all expectations as they were able to open 17 new stores and service centers and deliver nearly 25,000 new vehicles in the US alone. One questions why we still rely on fossil fuel to generate energy when estimates of 0% CO2 energy generation systems that can already be implemented in such a market, are remarkably low in comparison to the massive subsidies already being granted to the oil industry.

While the oil industry’s loss is largely attributed to volatility in places such as the middle east, and conflicts that fluctuate the price of crude oil on the market. Tesla is surging ahead without inherent problems associated with such turmoil.

The oil industry seems to be on its last legs, as even $5.5 Billion US dollars in government subsidies this year, are not enough to stem their current losses. So isn’t time that we transition to the new future of renewable electrical generation and put the super polluters out to pastor?


One thing seems certain with CO2 emission sharply rising at rate never recorded in the fossil records, and volatility in the oil markets so bad that many in the oil industry are being laid off, it is time to embrace the future technologies that can bare both profit and jobs while helping to DE-saturate the planet of toxins poisoning the ecosystems.