In the latest announcement from the US State Department, they flat out deny any involvement in coups, while Obama advocates regime change in Syria.

Behold the stunning ability for the US State Department to deny creating coups in Venezuela, while the US President advocates regime change inside Syria. Our most recent video documents the rapidly deteriorating situation, as US Top General tells senators creating a No-Fly zone in Syria will cause a war with the Syrian and Russian nations.

While behind the scenes with no discussion or debate, the House of Representatives has pushed through H.R 5732 – Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016. A bill that will, in fact, create a “No-Fly Zone” or “Safe Pockets” bringing the US Air Force in direct conflict with Russian and Syrian aircraft in what is already a very tense situation.

This seems to be Obama’s last ditch attempt at directing regime change or perhaps even provoking a war prior to leaving office. In the event of invoking the War Powers Act the current President remains in office as the nation’s Commander and Chief.

As president-elect Donald Trump is committed to de-escalating tensions with Russia vowing to join Russias offensive on destroying ISIS / ISIL in Syria after taking office this January it seems the current President and his supporters are trying for a last ditch attempt to escalate tensions in the region prior to Obama’s departure.