US Army Corps of Engineers have refused a permit to continue construction of the North Dakota access pipeline.

dakotapipelineIn a major victory for the protestors at Standing Rock the US Army Corps announced Sunday, they will not grant a permit to the $3.8 billion dollar pipeline to resume construction, calling for the pipeline company to voluntarily stop construction on private land.

The Corps of Engineers along with the Justice Department and Interior Department issued a joint statement saying the government was not ready to allow pipeline work on its land bordering lake Owyhee and the land underneath the lake, which serves as the drinking water to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.The pipeline being approximately 60% complete at a cost of $1.6 billion dollars at length of nearly 1200 daplmap.pngmiles, is now officially stopped.

However the Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure better known as MAIN, a backer of the project. Craig Stevens spokesperson for MAIN is calling for the White House to get involved in an attempt to allow construction to continue stating…

Stating “To do otherwise would undermine our nation’s regulatory regime and chill American infrastructure development, costing Americans their jobs and, ultimately, our nation its progress.”

On Sunday a federal appeals court ruled construction may be resumed on the pipeline on the contested site, however, Standing Rock Sioux tribe and several celebrities are vowing to continue the protest and wont give up the fight.

vets-standing-rock-protest.jpgThis comes on the heels of 250 veterans arriving at the Standing Rock protests vowing to keep protestors safe from the police, and another 1750 planning on arriving at the protest site in the coming weeks. The gofundme page for veterans transportation costs has reached just over $1 million dollars with a target of $1.2 million needed for the new arrivals.

More on this developing story as it continues to unfold.