bc-ferry-car-deck.jpgTransport Canada regulations limit passengers on BC Ferries to closed car decks.

In what has surely sparked heated debate BC Ferries complying with Transport Canada regulations will now prevent passengers from sleeping inside their vehicles during trips. Details of the ban are yet unclear, but is believed to be only on the busy Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay route on lower decks.

Some took to social media sites such as Facebook to voice their disapproval of the new regulations, truck drivers saying for them the only way to get some sleep during their long hauls is to sleep during the ferry crossing, which would no longer be permitted.

Those passengers on the upper car decks will remain unaffected by the changes,  however, the spokeswoman Deborah Marshall said the company is working with Transport Canada to have a formal announcement ready in January 2017.

Also confirming the BC Ferries is floating the possibility of a phased approach to ban smoking onboard the 2 hour sailings. The currently designated smoking areas on outside decks of the ferries, would be eliminated by new policy as smoking will not be provided within 3 – 5 feet of any door, hatch or window on the vessel.

Marshall said one concern about the smoking ban would be that although customers would only be affected for the 2 hour sailing, its own employees whom are often on shifts longer then 8 hours would also be prohibited. BC Ferries union has confirmed two proposals are being looked at.