US produced fruits and veggies prices set to skyrocket as illegal immigrants are deported.

With another of Donald Trumps campaign promises going into effect US produce is set to skyrocket to all time highs, as US farmers and dairies who have relied upon undocumented workers to pick their harvest will now have to higher American citizens. US farmers have largely relied on undocumented immigrants to harvest their fields as Americans workers have largely moved away from the agricultural industry.

This has in effect kept the prices of American produce lower for consumers in both Canada and the US. With the push to ban and deport illegal immigrants US farmers and dairies will have no choice but to raise prices on all their fruits and vegetables to meet the increase in the price of labor. While some farmers maybe able to raise prices to combat higher wages, others maybe forced to shut down their farms as they can no longer afford the increases in wages.

Zaid Kurdieh who employs roughly two dozen legal immigrants at Norwich Meadows Farm in central New York state said “You would see operations just shut down,” and “Even if you fill the gap with legal workers, the wages will jump just to get people to work.” Zaid Kurdieh whose 80-acre organic farm supplies a wide range of vegetables to farmers’ markets in New York and New Jersey.

According to researchers at University of California, Davis. The impact could reverberate throughoutmigrants California’s Central Valley, a stretch of lowlands that extends from Redding to Bakersfield. Approximately 70 percent of all farmworkers here are living in the United States illegally, where agriculture is by far the largest industry. With 6.5 million people living in the valley, the fields in the states bring in $35 billion a year and provide more of the nations food then any other state.

The effects on the precarious economy would be felt not just by consumers but also local businesses, restaurants, and schools, perhaps even industries like insurance, as Jhovani Segura, an insurance agent in Firebaugh, near the southern end of the valley, said that as much as 80 percent of their new car insurance policies came from undocumented immigrants who, under a new state law, became eligible for driver’s licenses in 2015.

“If there were mass deportations, we would have to cancel half of our policies,” he said.

While some are endorsing the expansion of the H-2A Visa’s, opponents seek to legalize the current work force before expanding temporary work forces imported from other countries.

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said that limiting the use of foreign labor would push more Americans into jobs that had primarily been performed by immigrants.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s programming computers or picking in fields,” he said, “Any time you’re admitting substitutes for American labor you depress wages and working conditions and deter Americans.”

Whatever you’re particular feelings maybe with regards to undocumented migrants in the American workforce, one thing is certain, deporting these migrants will increase wages and the cost of the products they help to produce. Consumers and Industry alike will share a shock in prices as these reforms are met and instituted. Some will be forced out of business, while others will be forced into driving prices upwards heavily, in a time of economic uncertainty and hindering local business’s.