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American produce set to skyrocket as migrant workers under fire

US produced fruits and veggies prices set to skyrocket as illegal immigrants are deported.

With another of Donald Trumps campaign promises going into effect US produce is set to skyrocket to all time highs, as US farmers and dairies who have relied upon undocumented workers to pick their harvest will now have to higher American citizens. US farmers have largely relied on undocumented immigrants to harvest their fields as Americans workers have largely moved away from the agricultural industry.

This has in effect kept the prices of American produce lower for consumers in both Canada and the US. With the push to ban and deport illegal immigrants US farmers and dairies will have no choice but to raise prices on all their fruits and vegetables to meet the increase in the price of labor. While some farmers maybe able to raise prices to combat higher wages, others maybe forced to shut down their farms as they can no longer afford the increases in wages.

Zaid Kurdieh who employs roughly two dozen legal immigrants at Norwich Meadows Farm in central New York state said “You would see operations just shut down,” and “Even if you fill the gap with legal workers, the wages will jump just to get people to work.” Zaid Kurdieh whose 80-acre organic farm supplies a wide range of vegetables to farmers’ markets in New York and New Jersey.

According to researchers at University of California, Davis. The impact could reverberate throughoutmigrants California’s Central Valley, a stretch of lowlands that extends from Redding to Bakersfield. Approximately 70 percent of all farmworkers here are living in the United States illegally, where agriculture is by far the largest industry. With 6.5 million people living in the valley, the fields in the states bring in $35 billion a year and provide more of the nations food then any other state.

The effects on the precarious economy would be felt not just by consumers but also local businesses, restaurants, and schools, perhaps even industries like insurance, as Jhovani Segura, an insurance agent in Firebaugh, near the southern end of the valley, said that as much as 80 percent of their new car insurance policies came from undocumented immigrants who, under a new state law, became eligible for driver’s licenses in 2015.

“If there were mass deportations, we would have to cancel half of our policies,” he said.

While some are endorsing the expansion of the H-2A Visa’s, opponents seek to legalize the current work force before expanding temporary work forces imported from other countries.

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said that limiting the use of foreign labor would push more Americans into jobs that had primarily been performed by immigrants.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s programming computers or picking in fields,” he said, “Any time you’re admitting substitutes for American labor you depress wages and working conditions and deter Americans.”

Whatever you’re particular feelings maybe with regards to undocumented migrants in the American workforce, one thing is certain, deporting these migrants will increase wages and the cost of the products they help to produce. Consumers and Industry alike will share a shock in prices as these reforms are met and instituted. Some will be forced out of business, while others will be forced into driving prices upwards heavily, in a time of economic uncertainty and hindering local business’s.









Transport Canada Reg’s limit BC Ferries passenger car decks

bc-ferry-car-deck.jpgTransport Canada regulations limit passengers on BC Ferries to closed car decks.

In what has surely sparked heated debate BC Ferries complying with Transport Canada regulations will now prevent passengers from sleeping inside their vehicles during trips. Details of the ban are yet unclear, but is believed to be only on the busy Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay route on lower decks.

Some took to social media sites such as Facebook to voice their disapproval of the new regulations, truck drivers saying for them the only way to get some sleep during their long hauls is to sleep during the ferry crossing, which would no longer be permitted.

Those passengers on the upper car decks will remain unaffected by the changes,  however, the spokeswoman Deborah Marshall said the company is working with Transport Canada to have a formal announcement ready in January 2017.

Also confirming the BC Ferries is floating the possibility of a phased approach to ban smoking onboard the 2 hour sailings. The currently designated smoking areas on outside decks of the ferries, would be eliminated by new policy as smoking will not be provided within 3 – 5 feet of any door, hatch or window on the vessel.

Marshall said one concern about the smoking ban would be that although customers would only be affected for the 2 hour sailing, its own employees whom are often on shifts longer then 8 hours would also be prohibited. BC Ferries union has confirmed two proposals are being looked at.

NoDAPLVictory as Army Corps refuses permits

US Army Corps of Engineers have refused a permit to continue construction of the North Dakota access pipeline.

dakotapipelineIn a major victory for the protestors at Standing Rock the US Army Corps announced Sunday, they will not grant a permit to the $3.8 billion dollar pipeline to resume construction, calling for the pipeline company to voluntarily stop construction on private land.

The Corps of Engineers along with the Justice Department and Interior Department issued a joint statement saying the government was not ready to allow pipeline work on its land bordering lake Owyhee and the land underneath the lake, which serves as the drinking water to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.The pipeline being approximately 60% complete at a cost of $1.6 billion dollars at length of nearly 1200 daplmap.pngmiles, is now officially stopped.

However the Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure better known as MAIN, a backer of the project. Craig Stevens spokesperson for MAIN is calling for the White House to get involved in an attempt to allow construction to continue stating…

Stating “To do otherwise would undermine our nation’s regulatory regime and chill American infrastructure development, costing Americans their jobs and, ultimately, our nation its progress.”

On Sunday a federal appeals court ruled construction may be resumed on the pipeline on the contested site, however, Standing Rock Sioux tribe and several celebrities are vowing to continue the protest and wont give up the fight.

vets-standing-rock-protest.jpgThis comes on the heels of 250 veterans arriving at the Standing Rock protests vowing to keep protestors safe from the police, and another 1750 planning on arriving at the protest site in the coming weeks. The gofundme page for veterans transportation costs has reached just over $1 million dollars with a target of $1.2 million needed for the new arrivals.

More on this developing story as it continues to unfold.




America cause of coups

In the latest announcement from the US State Department, they flat out deny any involvement in coups, while Obama advocates regime change in Syria.

Behold the stunning ability for the US State Department to deny creating coups in Venezuela, while the US President advocates regime change inside Syria. Our most recent video documents the rapidly deteriorating situation, as US Top General tells senators creating a No-Fly zone in Syria will cause a war with the Syrian and Russian nations.

While behind the scenes with no discussion or debate, the House of Representatives has pushed through H.R 5732 – Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016. A bill that will, in fact, create a “No-Fly Zone” or “Safe Pockets” bringing the US Air Force in direct conflict with Russian and Syrian aircraft in what is already a very tense situation.

This seems to be Obama’s last ditch attempt at directing regime change or perhaps even provoking a war prior to leaving office. In the event of invoking the War Powers Act the current President remains in office as the nation’s Commander and Chief.

As president-elect Donald Trump is committed to de-escalating tensions with Russia vowing to join Russias offensive on destroying ISIS / ISIL in Syria after taking office this January it seems the current President and his supporters are trying for a last ditch attempt to escalate tensions in the region prior to Obama’s departure.






Our Future Today

Telsa post’s $22 million in profits in a single quarter, as oil industry net’s a $67 Billion dollar loss in the same year.

When comparing the current markets for the way we generate electricity one stunning fact Tesla-logo-2003-2500x2500.pngbecomes perfectly clear, the business model of clean renewable energy is becoming increasingly profitable.

With many signs of this on Wall Street Tesla’s recent growth shattered all expectations as they were able to open 17 new stores and service centers and deliver nearly 25,000 new vehicles in the US alone. One questions why we still rely on fossil fuel to generate energy when estimates of 0% CO2 energy generation systems that can already be implemented in such a market, are remarkably low in comparison to the massive subsidies already being granted to the oil industry.

While the oil industry’s loss is largely attributed to volatility in places such as the middle east, and conflicts that fluctuate the price of crude oil on the market. Tesla is surging ahead without inherent problems associated with such turmoil.

The oil industry seems to be on its last legs, as even $5.5 Billion US dollars in government subsidies this year, are not enough to stem their current losses. So isn’t time that we transition to the new future of renewable electrical generation and put the super polluters out to pastor?


One thing seems certain with CO2 emission sharply rising at rate never recorded in the fossil records, and volatility in the oil markets so bad that many in the oil industry are being laid off, it is time to embrace the future technologies that can bare both profit and jobs while helping to DE-saturate the planet of toxins poisoning the ecosystems.

Protestors In The Thousands March On Vancouver

An estimated crowd of about 5,000 began marching in Vancouver November 19, 2016 in protest of the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The No Consent, No Pipeline rally began around 12:30pm and marched over the Cambie Street Bridge.

StewartPhillip.jpgSome of the guest speakers at the rally consisted of Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, Squamish First Nation chief Ian Campbell, Musqueam activist Audrey Siegl, Tsleil-Waututh activist Cedar Parker, Secwepemc activist Jody Leon, and Indigenous Environmental Network rep Melina Laboucan-Massimo.


Proposed Kinder Morgan Pipeline

On 19 May 2016, the National Energy Board (NEB) issued a report recommending that Governor in Council (GIC) approve the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (Project), subject to 157 conditions. Should GIC approve the Project, it will order the NEB to issue a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. You can read the full Recommendation Report here.


Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson is quoted as saying “I think you will see protests on this one like you have never seen before,” Robertson said in an interview on The House with Chris Hall. “I think it is perilous politically.” The Vancouver Mayor released a video November 15th, 2016 in which he is asking for British Columbians to support a petition to “send a clear message to Ottawa” that the proposed pipeline, “is absolutely not worth the risk to our environment, or economy.” and is urging people to share his message and the petition.

As of November 21, 2016 the petition has 8,444 signatures so far.

boomstug.jpgIn the wake of disaster such as the sinking of a diesel tug boat and barge off Bella Bella, that spilled 59,000 gallons of the harmful fuel into the ocean, and an inadequite response plan in place for such disasters, its not hard to imagine what 7 times the oil tanker traffic in Vancouver could result in emptying into the Pacific Coastal waters.

Marc Garneau Minister of Transportation stated “We are certainly recognizing the fact that we need to do better on marine security,” Garneau, who is poised to announce a “coastal strategy” that includes greater focus on spill prevention and

Marc Garneau

clean-up, told the House of Commons. “We are looking at the issue of compensation.”


During the 2015 election the Liberals platform included a vow to bring in an oil tanker ban on the B.C’s north coast, a promise to which has yet to have been kept.

With such rehtoric in the House of Commons over creating a response by Fisheries and Oceans to potential spills, one wonders if the Liberals have any intention of fulfilling their oil tanker ban. Guarenteeing a response plan is one thing, preventing future spills by banning tanker traffic in the north, and preventing new piplelines from creating additional traffic in the south is quite another.

This December 19, 2016 will be the deciding factor in whether or not the Liberals will continue the rise of fossil fuel emitions in Canada as the previous Conservative government had or not, and could be a hot topic issue in the next federal election.

In the mean time we can expect to see more rallys and marchs, demonstraitions, and protests over the $6.8 Billion dollar proposed pipeline, and perhaps Standing Rock type protests, as the hastag #StopKM continues to trend on social media and people call on Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to reject the expansion project .








The Beginning & End of Alternative Media *CENSORED*

A direct attack on dissenting voices, news media takes aim at social media in an attempt stop alternative media sources.

With 62% of Americans receiving news from social media sites this year, the media has taken to attacking social media sites in attempt to curb peoples usage. This week a document has surfaced “False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical ‘News’ Sources” uploaded by a user named Melissa Zimdars, in which Zimdars lists right-wing outlets, and includes perfectly legitimate sites for no apparent reason. In what can only be described as irony the the Los Angeles Times published the false, misleading, clickbait-y document, lending it an air of legitimacy.

It would appear the campaign to rid social media of alternative sources is well underway, with google news launching its “fact checker” links where they control the narrative of posted news story’s.socialmedia01 In addition Facebook is following in Googles footsteps announcing in an updated Audience Network policy, that it will not display advertisements from “fake news sites”.
 – “We have updated the policy to explicitly clarify that this applies to fake news,” a Facebook spokesman said in a statement. “Our team will continue to closely vet all prospective publishers and monitor existing ones to ensure compliance.”
This comes after Google announced that anything considered political in nature on youtube or using Googles Adsense, will no longer be receiving revenue from advertisements.
Facebook has been at the center of a debate about how the political election may have been swayed as a result of false or misleading news story’s about the now President elect Donald Trump. With even Mark Zukerberg stating he doesn’t believe fake news story’s are capable of swaying the election.
While certainly many pages and feeds on Facebook do host false or misleading stories this seems to be more then an attempt to target viral stories hosting misleading content. Certain elements of Zimdars list are nothing more then conservative right-wing news outlets, so naturally one considers the ramifications of such rhetoric.

These new policy’s could be used to target completely legitimate sites and news sources which are attempting to break into a market that has been in a stranglehold by major corporations and companies. In fact 6 Corporations control 90% of the media in America which has led many to search out alternative media as the narratives are tightly controled by a small minority.


Even Edward Snowden has weighed in saying via Beambot at Fusion’s Real Future Fair on Tuesday.

“I don’t think many people need to have this explained to them, that when you type something into the Google search box, it’s Google that decides what you get back. When you go to your Facebook page, it’s Facebook that decides what news it is that you see on your page. When you go to a platform like Twitter, or any of these, really, the voices that are heard are the ones that are selected and permitted by the corporation.”

Snowden goes on to identify the source of what he consider to the problem as a lack of competition. “There seems to be no alternative to the larger services. Because of this network effect, because [of] the first mover advantage. When you get a Google or a Facebook or Twitter in place, they never seem to leave.”

social-media-blockSnowdens solution, Don’t rely on Facebook for your news. By banning websites from their platform, they are essentially telling users they aren’t intelligent enough to decide for themselves what is and is not news. As Snowden put it, “they’re creating more silence than they are creating more speech.”

chriswallaceWith people like debate moderator Chris Wallace declaring “Not my job to be truth squad” in albeit obvious attempt to divert attention from the fact they often run bias story’s, and sensationalize news topics with little or no factual information to back up their story, or question any answer given by their quest speakers, throws into question their ability to report the news.
Certainly the only organization to be protected by the constitution responsible for informing the public needs to get it right. With many people awakening to a media which has become a promotional wind sock, that blows with the prevailing breeze, more focused on ad revenue then on news worthy stories, and a dramatic flare to sensationalize any topic to gain viewership. It seems very hypocritical to attack small social media pages and blogs for doing the same.
Are social media sites such a danger to news and media outlets at this time that they must bring such weight to bare? and if so what does that say about the job the mainstream media has been doing?


Fentanyl’s growing body count

Fentanyl epidemic kills an average two people a day in Canada in 2016.

Despite an emergency call and the approval of naloxone kits, the number of illicit drug deaths in B.C. is continuing to rise this year at a rate of about two each day, according to the latest statistics released by the BC Coroners Service. Tracking numbers for the first 10 months of 2016, the number of illicit drug overdoses was 622, compared to 397 for the same period last year.

Some websites are even providing an online how-to guide in making the Synthesis of Fentanyl easier. “Fentanyl and its analogs are among of the most powerful opiate agonists, but their synthesis we’re often hard. This is a synthesis of Fentanyl which can be easily adapted for the other analogs (para-Fluoro-Fentanyl, alpha-Methyl-Fentanyl).”

This procedure is not theoretical and has been tested and improved many times over. This synthesis is conducted at room temperature so you don’t need any special apparatus. It is perhaps that the optimization in manufacturing becoming far easier that could, in fact, indicate the increasing rise in Fentanyl-related deaths.

Although some indications are that it has been widely imported from countries like China. One Globe report suggests “Suppliers often ship drugs in packages under the 30-gram threshold, ensuring border agents won’t open them.” and “No problem of police coming to you, as the package would be labeled household detergent, complete with a certificate of analysis. Many suppliers will even offer guaranteed reshipment to customers in the event their package gets intercepted.”

With the hardest hit provinces being B.C and Alberta in the wake of such a lethal and deadly drug, it comes as no surprise people are looking for federal and provincial help in stemming the follow of Opioid epidemic now sweeping the provinces, but how best to provide a solution for such a systemic problem is still being debated.

Stopping the supply could be a monumental challenge when hidden in amongst such small packaging, as well as the ease at which it can be manufactured. With Burnaby RCMP making a bust of illicit Oxycontin last year (Sept 11, 2015) they showcased some of the seized machinery being employed.

Wondering if someone has  decided to take a chapter out of the popularized TV show Breaking Bad and bring it into the real world.

A few grains, equivalent to the size of three sugar crystals is the amount of pure fentanyl that is lethal. With the toxicity rate so high that even investigators become ill simply from seizing the illicit drugs, one can certainly appreciate the lethality and risk involved not only for the general public but also for investigators .

At any rate, it seems the supply chains and manufacturing capacity needs to be severed in order to stem the flow of the lethal product from hitting the streets. But with demand growing as a result of many prescriptions coming from doctors that easily get people “hooked” the demand is likely to keep growing.

With the drug spreading further eastwards, RCMP have growing concerns about the disturbing trend of the drug and its ready availability.

Fear and Loathing in the US?

With a week of consecutive anti-trump protests is this a sign of division or a complete let down by the Democrats?

With the elections now firmly wrapped up, Americans have quickly turned to protest, after Republican Candidate  Donal J. Trump was swept into office in what is certainly one of the least anticipated results in American election history.

His opponents have been quick to paint him as a racist, misogynist, and homophobe during the last years campaign, but does this reflect the President-Elect best? or is this simply posturing during one of the dirtiest mud slinging elections of a US President to date by media and celebs alike?

With a string of race-related events since the elections conclusion, is this a sign that race was a factor in the election, was this propagated by media and/or celebrities who have openly advocated violence, and protest?

jlaw.jpg“Do not let this defeat you — let this enrage you! Let it motivate you! Let this be the fire you didn’t have before. If you are an immigrant, if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a woman — don’t be afraid, be loud!” — Jennifer Lawrence




“WE WILL NEVER BE SILENCED” – Katy Perry – Twitter Feed


“Some didn’t like Bush. Some didn’t like Obama. But this is different. Forget dislike. Many are genuinely fearful now. This is new.” – Seth MacFarlane – Twitter Feed

One begins to wonder if the messages of fear and hatred coming from the media and celebrities alike are aimed at people in the attempt to incite the now week-long protests to spread across America. Without a campaign of fear and continuing media bombardment for the last year of the election would these protests be likely as abundant?

With many celebs and news stories projecting fear towards the public in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, is this the new norm? In previous elections, many media outlets ran stories detailing the displeasure of the losing side but never advocated violence or protests. With serious division, perhaps pouring gasoline on an already burning fire is not the best way to expunge it.

With conflicting reports of the protests, it is hard to grasp whether or not these are the acts of Democrats who have been let down by their candidate, or if perhaps it is a residual of a deep-seated division quietly festering beneath the surface.

The new President-Elect during his first TV interview appealing to people for to stop the racism and any violence currently being perpetrated. He went further and begun clarifying what his administration will look like and his first orders of business. Also stating he will not accept his $400,000 yearly salary as President, and instead is insisting on being paid only $1 a year for his term in office.

What constitutes freedom?

An introspective look at the current state of affairs of a deeply divided nation.

Pollsters, Media, and Dominos

With a Donald Trump victory, people have recently begun to ask how did the pollsters have it so wrong?

How did they project a Clinton victory leading up to the election, when Trump had overwhelming support, enough to win the Presidency, majority Republican House, and Senate?

To answer that we first have to look at how a typical poll is conducted, most polls conducted include numbers like for example, 33.3% Democrat, 33.3% Republican, and 33.3% Undecided. So in a typical poll out of 1,000 registered voters per 50 states, you end up with 50,000 registered voters answering who they will likely support and thus have a pulse of how the nation is likely to cast their ballots.

So knowing how most polls are conducted would it surprise you to learn that the polls conducted showing a Hillary Clinton lead, we’re taken by polling areas of each state that were predominantly Democrat? and of those polls conducted very little attention was given to undecided voters.

This, however, did not stop many mainstream media sources from reporting the numbers nationally, and as some media outlets don’t conduct their own polls they simply passed along the numbers re-broadcasting what had already been previously broadcast.

Thus just like the proverbial dominos a trickle down of inaccurate polling numbers, and misleading perception was handed off from the media outlets to American voters worldwide.

For some, it’s proof that the media is corrupt only reporting the narratives that suit who pays their salary, for others it’s simply a mistake in the numbers and wasn’t scrutinized enough before being reported, and to others its the mistake of pollsters who should have more accurately conducted their polls.

Anyway, its clear that numbers being reported were far from accurate which throws into question the media’s complicity in reporting it to the general public. It is not simply a mistake for the media to report something without first fact checking. As within the 5th estate, the only organization to be protected by the constitution of the United States, it is their responsibility to report only accurate fact based information that has been thoroughly checked and re-checked .


The poison of politicking

Stephen Colbert talks about the poison of politicking to a somber crowd.

The Late Night Talk show host seems to have had a hard time keeping his composure as the results of the 2016 election came in, offering some somber words to a quiet crowd of spectators about the election. Implying that politics had become poisonous, “everyone had overdosed” and “everyone takes a little so you can hate the other side, and it tastes kind of good, and you like how it feels, there is a gentle high to the condemnation.”

He further went on to discuss how the founding fathers wanted the public to be “informed but not politicking all the time, not divided that way.” he seemed to be struggling to keep himself on point and making jokes to a beleaguered crowd who had just been devastated by the results.

Offering the notion that “laughter is the best medicine, and you cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time, and the devil cannot stand mockery.” Combating to keep his composure and trying to find the funny in what otherwise had been a devastating night to a campaign he has long since been supporting after taking over the role from David Letterman.

He offered a token of what he called “Silly things we Americans can all agree upon” to appeal to his crowd and regain his funny composure, before telling his audience “get out there kiss a Democrat, hug a Republican, give a Libertarian a reach around, you survived the election.”

Even the band seemed visibly disturbed and confused while playing Sweet Land of Liberty,  Stephens voice wavering and cracking towards the end. I believe the stark realization that he had contributed to the divide that exists now in America, was setting in. On his previous role on the Colbert Report, he had taken shots at both Left and Right not really supporting either side just being his funny charismatic self, taking his usual jabs at both parties and the flawed nature of the system itself.

However now taken over Letterman’s role on The Tonight Show, this dynamic had fallen away for a clear support of the left sided agenda which had just been overwhelmingly defeated. It seems to me that Colbert’s message was both a statement of regret for contributing to the leftist agenda while at the same time an attempt to lift the spirits of the supporters and hopefully begin to bridge the divide between Americans.

————-Addendum ————-

In the last 11 hours since I wrote this post, the previous video I posted has been marked private on youtube and can no longer be viewed.

The new video posted here is an edited version with additional laughing and clapping edited in, as well as an edited ending where you no longer see the band or Stephen sing Sweet Land of Liberty.

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