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cat-rkbwdm.jpgLove the chemistry here

overcomb.jpgGrammar it’s important

gramsay.jpgDid someone say oil?

securesite.jpgSecret service stopping hacker since Clinton 2015

sexyfood.pngAll arguments are invalid


Could you be in the Twilight Zone?

A video for Democrats in the aftermath of the Donald Trump election.

Funny Daily Pics

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trailmixTons of road obstructions

antitrump03Well at least they are motivated

deadpoolpinkiepieCant argue with that

antitrump02Form over function

butterflykitty.jpgMaybe if we send these to our Democrat friends.

Your daily funny pics

clinton-cosby-gettyLet me guess another Bill ?

movintruck.jpgImmigration site has crashed but you can always get an early start.

nightshiftworkSun, Sun, sun here it comes

winchesterpint.jpgNot just for zombie apocolypses

wonkamexicoNext vote Hot or Cold?

facebook-photos-argument.pngIm pretty sure it doesn’t work like that

The poison of politicking

Stephen Colbert talks about the poison of politicking to a somber crowd.

The Late Night Talk show host seems to have had a hard time keeping his composure as the results of the 2016 election came in, offering some somber words to a quiet crowd of spectators about the election. Implying that politics had become poisonous, “everyone had overdosed” and “everyone takes a little so you can hate the other side, and it tastes kind of good, and you like how it feels, there is a gentle high to the condemnation.”

He further went on to discuss how the founding fathers wanted the public to be “informed but not politicking all the time, not divided that way.” he seemed to be struggling to keep himself on point and making jokes to a beleaguered crowd who had just been devastated by the results.

Offering the notion that “laughter is the best medicine, and you cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time, and the devil cannot stand mockery.” Combating to keep his composure and trying to find the funny in what otherwise had been a devastating night to a campaign he has long since been supporting after taking over the role from David Letterman.

He offered a token of what he called “Silly things we Americans can all agree upon” to appeal to his crowd and regain his funny composure, before telling his audience “get out there kiss a Democrat, hug a Republican, give a Libertarian a reach around, you survived the election.”

Even the band seemed visibly disturbed and confused while playing Sweet Land of Liberty,  Stephens voice wavering and cracking towards the end. I believe the stark realization that he had contributed to the divide that exists now in America, was setting in. On his previous role on the Colbert Report, he had taken shots at both Left and Right not really supporting either side just being his funny charismatic self, taking his usual jabs at both parties and the flawed nature of the system itself.

However now taken over Letterman’s role on The Tonight Show, this dynamic had fallen away for a clear support of the left sided agenda which had just been overwhelmingly defeated. It seems to me that Colbert’s message was both a statement of regret for contributing to the leftist agenda while at the same time an attempt to lift the spirits of the supporters and hopefully begin to bridge the divide between Americans.

————-Addendum ————-

In the last 11 hours since I wrote this post, the previous video I posted has been marked private on youtube and can no longer be viewed.

The new video posted here is an edited version with additional laughing and clapping edited in, as well as an edited ending where you no longer see the band or Stephen sing Sweet Land of Liberty.

Election Anxiety Cure

Feeling stressed from the long election campaign? Buyers remorse? Or perhaps just from the news of Donald J. Trumps victory?

Either way this guided meditation is perfect to help you through troubled times.


Your daily funny pics

Been a long day, and its time to relax with some funnies.

congressweinerThe man’s a total weiner

hallocandidates.gifThat is terrifying

stalkergirlMay never sleep again!

aaaandtheyregone.jpgSeems legit

50shadesofpoliticsYou know your really screwed when…

makeupwtcWinning at selfies?

Must Watch!! Most hilarious mainstream media video ever

BREAKING NEWS – This just in!

Today’s funny pics

“Twas the night before election, when all through the house
Not a voter was stirring, not even a louse.
The ballots were hung by the polls with care,
In hopes that President soon would be there.”

– Adam Armstrong


 The things we do for love



gooutsideWell no arguing with that

gv080615dapr20150807124517Any attention is good attention… right?

hcnukecodesThe ole corruptomatic 4000

peasentpmEven the kid gets it

seemslegitSeems legit

thisbitchApply water to burnt areas

trumpedupIgnorance is bliss?

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